Slow-Speed Shredder RPO

3R-Machinery has heavy-duty and reliable slow-speed shredders that are currently available for Rental Purchase Option (RPO). These are incredibly powerful shredder machines that have the ability to take a large pile of materials and render them into a pile of scrap for further processing and recycling. They are an excellent choice for companies that deal with large-scale operations that require equal levels of versatility and strength. The shredders feature an unmatched level of versatility as they can handle nearly any kind of application, including wood, concrete, organic, municipal, and so much more. They can also be transported anywhere on the jobsite, saving time and effort in the long run. Additionally, these shredders feature customizable programs that can be configured based on the type of input material, guaranteeing optimal shred size every time. Slow-speed shredders are available to try before you buy at an affordable rate. Prices vary depending on the type of machine, so please contact your local sales representative to learn more about how you can get your hands on these powerful machines. High-powered shredding machines can be purchased through a Rental Purchase Option (RPO). When experiencing a high-volume season or replacement of a broken machine, you can’t go wrong with the incredible power and versatility of these slow-speed shredding machines. 

  • Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder - 1

    Rental Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder

    The Pronar 1.300 slow-speed high torque shredder is a single-shaft heavy-duty shredder machine intended for pre-shredding of green organic waste, wood, biomass, paper, plastics and films, small scrap, or bulky waste. Offering a single 21 or 42 knife...

    • Direct Drive 550HP (405 kW)
    • 21 or 42 knife configurations made of wear resistant materials
    • Easy-change bolt-on knives and hooks combination
    • Counter knives system with adjustable bar pressure change system
    • Large hopper capacity and dual conveyor belt system
  • Rental Pronar 2.1010 Slow-Speed Shredder - 1

    Rental Pronar 2.1010 Slow-Speed Shredder

    The reliable and high-quality Pronar 2.1010 Slow-Speed Shredder is available for rent. This is a powerful shredder machine that has the strength to reduce large and dense materials into a finer shred size for further recycling and processing. It’s...

    • 768HP engine
    • Dual-shaft design
    • Sound-proof engine compartment
    • Dual conveyor belt system
    • Average throughput of up to 70 tons per hour
  • Rental Pronar 2.85 Slow-Speed Shredder - 1

    Rental Pronar 2.85 Slow-Speed Shredder

    The Pronar 2.85 Slow-Speed Shredder is a heavy-duty industrial shredder machine that has both the size and the strength for the pre-processing of nearly any kind of material. It features two durable shafts that run simultaneously, working together with...

    • Two shaft design
    • Dual conveyor belt system
    • Caterpillar 9.3L 405HP Engine
    • Throughput of up to 40 tons per hour
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