6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Slow-Speed Mobile Shredder

Feb 15th 2014

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Slow-Speed Mobile Shredder

Businesses in many different industries can benefit from investing in slow-speed mobile shredders thanks to their rugged, dependable construction, high versatility, and cost-effective operation. Below are the top six reasons you can benefit from investing in a slow-speed mobile shredder and take your shredding business to the next level with lower operating costs, higher return on investment, and reliable shredding power.

What Are the Top Benefits of Using Slow-Speed Mobile Shredders?

Slow-speed mobile shredders have several benefits over other types of shredders:

      They produce a higher quality end product: Slow-speed mobile shredders use a slow rotor speed and a high torque to produce a more uniform and consistent shred size.
      They are more energy efficient: These industrial shredders use less energy while they shred through copious amounts of materials, making them more cost-effective to operate.
      They are less prone to downtime: Slow-speed shredders are less prone to breakdowns and maintenance issues, which reduces downtime and increases productivity.
      They are versatile: Mobile shredders can handle a wide range of materials, including wood, plastics, paper, and more.
      They are mobile: These heavy-duty shredders are mounted on wheels for easy movement and can be transported to different locations, reducing the need for multiple stationary shredders.
      They are also safer to operate: The shredders feature a slow rotor speed that reduces the risk of flying debris, thus minimizing the risk of injury for operators.

1 – Uniform and Consistent Shred Size

Mobile slow-speed shredders produce a uniform and consistent shred size by using a combination of a slow rotor speed and high torque. The slow rotor speed allows the material to be shredded more thoroughly, breaking it down into smaller pieces that are more consistent in size. The high torque ensures that the material is shredded evenly and that there are no large chunks left in the end product.

The slow-speed mobile shredders also typically use a combination of cutting tools, such as knives, counter knives, and sieve, to shred the material. These cutting tools work together to break down the material into small, consistent pieces. Additionally, these industrial shredders often use a screening or sizing process to further refine the end product and ensure that it is of a consistent size that suits the operator’s requirements.

By utilizing this combination of slow rotor speed, high torque, and multiple cutting tools, these powerful and reilable shredders can produce a uniform and consistent shred size that best suits the company’s specifications. A screening process, which is often accomplished with the help of a trommel screen machine, also works to further refine the material and produce a more efficient and uniform size.

2 – Energy-Efficient

Mobile slow-speed shredders offer much higher energy efficiency over stationary shredders thanks to a range of advantages. For one, their lower rotor speed combined with high torque reduces the amount of energy needed to power the machine while maintaining a quality final product. Thanks to Pronar’s excellent materials, components, and machine designs, our slow-speed mobile shredders are more durable and boast minimal breakdown and maintenance issues, thus improving cost-efficiency and energy consumption.

3 – Reduced Downtime

Often engineered with an emphasis on superior durability, slow-speed mobile shredders are less prone to downtime for several reasons. These reliable shredder machines are typically built with robust components and materials that can withstand the demands of heavy-duty shredding operations. Featuring a wear-resistant steel construction, the shredders can take on tougher materials with ease, especially rocks, debris, and bricks. They also use a low rotor speed, which reduces the wear and tear on the machine, resulting in a lower likelihood of breakdowns.

Additionally, slow-speed shredders are designed with easy maintenance in mind, with features such as removable cutting tools, easy-to-access lubrication points, and simple control systems that make maintenance and repairs quick and easy. This means that the shredder will be back up and functioning optimally in no time. Overall, slow-speed mobile shredders are less prone to downtime because they are built with robust components, use low rotor speeds, have high torque, and easy maintenance features. With their durable and wear-resistant construction, there is much less wear and tear on the machine, even when faced with large-scale operations.

4 – Wide Range of Material Applications

One of the most prominent advantages of slow-speed mobile shredders is their ability to handle a wide range of material applications. This is achieved thanks to many factors, including the shredder’s super-sharp steel cutting knives that easily bite through different material types from metal to wood, debris, and more. High-torque engines with adjustable rotor speeds allow different levels of force to be applied depending on the material being fed into the shredder, meaning that the shredder can be adjusted to perfectly meet the requirements of materials with varying densities and hardness. A large hopper aids in the feeding process by permitting everything from small, granular waste to large chunks of debris to enter the shredder and be prepared for further processing.

5 – Convenient Mobility

Mobility is a key benefit for slow-speed shredders because it allows them to be easily transported to different locations, providing several advantages. One of these advantages is unbeatable flexibility. The shredders can be used in a variety of settings, such as construction sites, recycling centers, or landfills. They can be maneuvered right up to the piles of materials that need shredding, which eliminates the need to transport the materials to a different location for shredding and reduces both time and labor. Having a mobile shredder can also prove to be very cost-effective in the long run because it eliminates the need for multiple stationary shredders, reducing the overall investment costs. The shredder can also be mounted on a low-bed trailer for easier If a shredder needs to be transported over a longer distance, it can be easily loaded onto the back of a low-bed trailer.

Overall, mobility is a key benefit for slow-speed mobile shredders because it allows them to be easily transported to different locations, providing flexibility, cost-effectiveness, easy transportation, and on-site processing, which also helps reduce the environmental impact.

6 – Excellent Safety Factor

Not only do slow-speed mobile shredders offer all these other benefits, but they also provide a high level of safety for the operator and those on the jobsite. Low rotor speeds reduce the risk of debris flying from the shredder while tough components and build quality ensure reliable shredding for tougher materials. Emergency stop features offer direct safety benefits in case a problem occurs during the shredding process. To ensure maximum safety throughout several seasons of use, these slow-speed shredders offer simple and quick maintenance and repair with easy access panels and interchangeable components, thus reducing the risk of malfunctions and potential injuries.

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