Many industries around the world are seeking more efficient heavy-duty shredding solutions that have the strength to effectively tear through a range of materials pertaining to their particular applications. Industries like forestry, wood, scrap, green waste, food, municipal solid waste (MSW), tire, construction and demolition, energy and power, and even specialty businesses can benefit from dependable shredding and waste volume reduction to improve recycling capabilities. Thankfully, 3R-Machinery provides a series of super-tough, dependable, heavy-duty slow-speed shredders that can take on a wide variety of applications and industry-specific materials, from bulky waste to plastics, scrap, hazardous waste, and much more. Manufactured with high-strength, wear-resistant steel shafts, powerful engines that produce significant torque, convenient magnetic separators, high throughput rates, and tracked chassis for complete mobility, the slow-speed shredders ensure thorough shredding with responsive efficiency.

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Forestry is a powerful industry that accounts for approximately 4% of the total US manufacturing GDP and produces up to $300 billion in products, according to the USDA. It requires machines that can preprocess whole trees, dirt, leaves, brushes, branches, and stumps with enough high-powered strength to reduce the materials into shredded scraps. These slow-speed shredders are robust enough to handle the demands of this industry. The shredding chambers on these machines are long and wide so that it’s possible to work with larger loads. This is an essential component when it comes to working in the forestry industry as you’re dealing with all different types of shapes and sizes.

Forestry Industry

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The wood, lumber, or timber industry accounts for logging, timber trade, and the production of primary forest-based products and wooden materials. Wood is an incredibly important and valuable material that the world relies on for construction, commercial, and industrial applications. One of the best features of wood is the fact that it’s both biodegradable and recyclable, which is why industrial slow-speed shredders play a significant role in the lifecycle of wood. These shredder machines handle wood waste with extreme efficiency, preparing them for processing and bringing new life to the material rather than letting it rot in a landfill. The large machines are equipped with heavy-duty knives that bite right into the wood, tearing it down into the ideal scrap size for further processing and recycling.

Wood Industry

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Any scrap recycling industry can benefit from the strength of a reliable shredder. The scrap industry deals with large volumes of scrap materials that require extensive breakdown in order to retrieve precious metals and prepare them for further processing and recycling. The heavy-duty slow-speed shredders are engineered to provide optimal cutting strength to handle these large waste volumes. Their high-torque design is strong enough to cut through bulky and tough materials with ease while a closed-loop hydraulic system absorbs the heavy shock loads that often occur when dealing with hard scrap. For this industry, shredder machines are the ideal choice to handle these rough and solid materials.

Scrap Industry

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Green Waste (Compost)

Green waste, organic waste, and compost industries need to handle a wide range of products and materials every day. They work with leaves, food, animal waste, degradable carbon, and so much more. Instead of leaving these items in landfills where they can release methane into the atmosphere, specialized facilities work to turn them into a reliable biomass energy source while others process the materials into compost for reuse. Both processes require the initial shredding of the green waste materials, which is why they can rely on the high-torque performance of heavy-duty slow-speed shredders. These advanced shredder machines are incredibly beneficial to the industry due to their ability to reduce green waste volume by as much as 75%, effectively shredding down the material into the right shred size for further processing.

Green Industry

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Food-related municipal solid waste or food waste, in general, is a common result of the food industry. Rather than have this material overflow and rot in landfills, food waste, if treated properly, can be put back through the production cycle for recycling and reuse. The industrial shredders with single-shaft and dual-shaft options are engineered in a way that makes handling food products incredibly easy and much more efficient. These heavy-duty shredder machines take in nearly any type of material, including food, and shreds it down into a more manageable shred size for further processing and recycling, taking the food and turning it into a viable material for compost, biofuel, and more. The shredders can be equipped with differently-sized screens and steel limiters that are mounted under the shaft for easy adjustment to the final shred size.

Food Industry

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MSW (Landfill)

The municipal solid waste industry can greatly benefit from the heavy-duty destructive strength of a reliable slow-speed shredder. These machines are specifically designed to handle large volumes of materials in bulk, shredding through mountains of waste like debris, wood, household waste, industrial waste, and general waste by the tons. The slow-speed shredders are built to handle this level of demand with enough versatility to rip through nearly any kind of material, no matter how thick or tough it is. The shredders feature load-sensing hydraulics and two hydraulic motors per shaft, which allow you to deal with the more difficult materials with greater ease and efficiency.

MSW Industry

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As the number of discarded tires continues to grow, the demand for versatility and shredding power within the scrap tire processing industry increases along with it. More and more discarded tires and other rubber products fill up landfills to an almost overwhelming capacity, and the need to take care of these products in an environmentally sound way is also in demand. Industries, the government, and private sectors are seeking end-use markets that consume scrap tires, such as recycling centers, tire-derived fuel, and tire-derived aggregate, to efficiently take care of the problem. As a response to this demand, we have provided heavy-duty slow-speed shredders that effectively reduce and recover scrap tires for further processing. Built for high performance and strength, these shredders can reduce waste volumes by up to 75%.

Tire Industry

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Construction & Demolition (C&D) (Concrete)

With construction and demolition, there is a lot of rubble and debris left behind, creating piles of unusable materials that can get in the way of the job. Utilizing a heavy-duty shredder can help eliminate the piles of materials, rendering them into smaller and more manageable pieces of scrap for greater operational efficiency. The slow-speed shredders are engineered from high-quality, abrasion-resistant steel, giving them the durability needed to withstand the heavy-duty materials that go through the hopper and shredder machine. Some of the toughest and most solid materials that you encounter in this industry don’t stand a chance against the superior biting force of these dependable shredders.

C&D Industry

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Energy (Solar Panels and Windmill Blades)

The energy industry deals with a variety of equipment, such as solar panels and windmill blades. Should components to these machines break down beyond repair, rather than shove them into landfills where they take up space and are left to rot, these slow-speed shredders take care of this equipment in large chunks. These heavy-duty shredder machines are designed to provide unmatched shredding power and superior biting force, giving them the strength to slice right into some of the toughest materials, shredding them into smaller pieces for easier management and handling. The shredders feature special customizable programs that allow the operator to choose exactly how small the resulting shred size is, giving you much more control over the shredder machine.

Energy Industry

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3R-Machinery offers slow-speed shredders that are known for their versatility, making them the ideal solution for any specialty industry out there. Their wide hopper, customizable programs, and mobility give them the flexibility needed to meet the demands of nearly any kind of application. These machines are designed with a tilting beam system with counter knives and protection on the clutch, which allows you to deal with a situation of unshreddable material falling into the working chamber. The strength of the shredder’s biting force allows it to slice right into some of the thickest material while the availability of differently sized screens and steel limiters mounted under the chassis allows easy adjustment to the final shred size of the material to fit your specific requirements. These slow-speed shredders can efficiently meet the demand of nearly any industry’s applications.

Specialty Industry

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