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Pronar MPT 15g Mobile Stockpiler

  • CAT 1.7l, 36 kW (47 HP) engine
  • Fuel efficient
  • Stack material up to 24-feet high
  • Easy to transport

Product Overview

The MPT 15g belt conveyor is for customers looking for a stockpiler designed with low operating costs, lower weight and compact dimensions in mind. Thanks to the well-thought-out design and the use of a CAT 1.7l, 36 kW (47 HP) engine, it is possible to move up to 400 tons of material per hour and stack material up to 24-feet high. The MPT 15g is designed with low fuel consumption in mind and is designed to work in line with a shredding or screeninng unit. Pronar conveyors are easy transport and can be packed into a 40 ‘HQ shipping container to reach anywhere in North America. 

24 Month / 2000 Hour Limited Warranty.


This product can be used for the following applications:

Bulky Waste Recycling
Green Waste Disposal & Recycling
Hazardous Waste Disposal & Recycling
Industrial Waste Recycling
Scrap Recycling
MSW Shredding
Pallet Recycling
Paper Shredding
Plastic Recycling
Wood Recycling

Product Specifications

Conveyor Length: 53 Feet
Max Throughput: 400 t/hour
Belt Width: 35"
Warranty: 24 Month / 2000 Hour Limited Warranty
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