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Screenpod S45T Dust Cannon Trailer- 2000L

  • S45 Dust Cannon
  • 2000L Water Tank
  • Road Legal Trailer
  • Braked Towing Hitch

Product Overview

Discover the resilience of Screenpod S45T-2000L Dust Suppression Trailers – engineered for longevity! With a sturdy chassis frame, these machines are tailor-made for the demolition, steel, and rental industries.

Revolutionize dust control with Screenpod Dust Cannons, providing advanced solutions and unparalleled performance. Significantly mitigate health risks linked to dust and enhance air quality across diverse applications, spanning recycling yards, demolition sites, quarries, and ports.

Choose from static, trailer, and tracked versions for swift setup and exceptional functionality. These machines are compact, easily transportable, seamlessly integrating into any operation. Experience minimal maintenance requirements and low operating costs, all managed through a user-friendly interface.

The deployment of atomized water droplets as a fine mist from nozzles is our technology's cornerstone. A potent fan propels the mist over the designated area, binding with dust particles and effectively suppressing dust. Elevate your dust control strategy with Screenpod – the epitome of durability and cutting-edge performance!


This product can be used for the following applications:

Wood Recycling & Production Plants
Construction & Demolition Waste
Recycling Yards
Mining Operations
Concrete Production Plants
Scrap Metal Processing & Steel Mills

Product Specifications

Current Consumption: 23 Amps
Voltage: 400-480 AC
Fan Motor Rating: 7.5kW
Pump Motor Rating: 2.2kW
Water Pump: >5.5 bar with run dry protection
Genset: 20 kVA, on-board
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